Edition Akasha is a Berlin-based label for electronic sounds, capturing the spirit of Akasha Festival’s sonic diversity beyond its dance floors.


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Vinyl: Eira Haul - Forest Beams

  1. A1: Forest Beams
  2. A2: Oak
  3. A3: Oak (Tornado Wallace Lights Off Mix)
  4. B1: Cosmic Body
  5. B2: Killim
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Dark is the forest and deep, and overhead
Hang stars like seeds of light
In vain, though not since they were sown was bred
Anything more bright.

Edition Akasha launches with ‘Forest Beams’ by Eira Haul, proudly presenting a sonic crosscut of the Berlin artist’s captivating take on UK textures and tempos, fused by a visceral feel for bright melodic touches.

As the rude bass stepper ‘Forest Beams’ rubs shoulders with the jovial, off-kilter techno of ‘Oak’, and the trance trip ‘Cosmic Body’ takes flight towards the introspective halftimer ‘Kilim’, euphoria and melancholy waltz in harmony atop soaring beats throughout this nod to Akasha Festival’s Forest floor. At midpoint, Tornado Wallace compliments the tour de force that is EDAK001 with his ‘Lights Off Mix’ of ‘Oak’ – a cheeky balearic breakbeat rendition bringing summer firmly into focus.